Group Meetings
Group meetings in Summer quarter 2014 will be held on Wednesdays at noon in Durand 450.

PhD and postdoc positions available! Click here to find out more details.

Welcome to SACL!

Welcome to the Structures And Composites Laboratory (SACL) in the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics at Stanford University. The main focus of the group is to build intelligent and light-weight structures, with emphasis on structural health monitoring.

Areas of Research Focus:

  • Structural design to enhance vehicle safety, performance, reliability, and sustainability

  • Manufacturing to improve material quality, process control, and fabrication costs

  • Smart materials to create innovative structural designs including structures with multi-functional capabilities

  • Health monitoring for ground vehicles, aircraft, and spacecraft structures

  • Design methods, prototypes, and tools to transform and develop technologies to reach and benefit the general public

Research Activities in SACL:

Visit SACL's YouTube channel here.